St Barbara's Parish School Uniform consists of:

  • Shoes: sandshoes or brown sandals
  • Socks: St Barbara’s school socks must be worn
  • Clothing:
    • Skirt
    • Shorts
    • Polo Top
    • Track Pants
    • Rugby Jersey
    • Zip Jacket
  • Hats: hats are a compulsory part of the official school uniform. They can be purchased from our uniform shop. There is a “no hat, no play” policy at St Barbara’s. If hats are beginning to look a little ‘tatty’ we ask that a new one be purchased.
  • Bag: St Barbara's Logo School bags are available

The Year 8 and Year 9 students wear a separate uniform to distinguish them as school leaders.

For uniform prices, please contact the school office or download the uniform order form below.

School Uniform Policy

St Barbara’s Parish School has a compulsory Smart Play uniform for Primary Years students. It is a comfortable and affordable uniform, which the students can wear with pride.

Uniform supplies are kept at school and are available for purchase during school hours. Order Forms are available from the office at any time. Uniforms must be paid for in full upon collection. 

General Appearance

  • Bizarre or extreme haircuts / hair colouring will not be acceptable (the Principal shall be the sole judge of what is bizarre or extreme).
  • For safety, no jewellery is permitted except wrist watches, religious chains and studs are to be worn in pierced ears.
  • No tattoos, temporary or otherwise, are to be visible.
  • To assist in the prevention of head lice, all shoulder length hair is to be tied back with an appropriate coloured hair tie.