Learning Support

At St Barbara’s Parish School we believe each child has unique gifts and talents.

Students have a range of learning abilities and learning styles. To accommodate our students’ range of learning abilities and styles, teachers plan units of work based on inclusive practise and using differentiated programming and planning techniques.

Students are given the opportunity to experience success and learn in an atmosphere of co-operative learning.

Personalised Planned Learning plans are collaboratively developed with parents, incorporating key goals, and stemming from individualised learning experiences.


Levelled Literacy Intervention

Levelled Literacy Intervention (LLI) is a small group, supplementary intervention designed for children who find reading and writing difficult.  These children are the lowest achievers in literacy in their grade level.  The goal of the intervention is to bring the children to grade level achievement.    

LLI also provides strong support for children who are acquiring English as an additional language.  Children who are identified as having special needs may also be included if the content of the LLI intervention meets the educational program specifications of the child.

The LLI texts are graded by text difficulty.  Each level of text makes increasing demands on the reader, but the change is gradual.  By engaging in intensively supportive lessons on each level, young readers have the opportunity to expand their reading and writing abilities.  With the support of instruction, they stretch themselves to read more complex texts with accuracy, fluency, and comprehension and to write more complex messages.  With these goals in mind, children are effectively engaging in the reading and writing process every day.

The amount of time a student may spend on LLI varies.  Children may reach grade level performance between eighteen and twenty four weeks with regular lessons, whilst others may require intervention for longer periods of time, up to one year.